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Mallorca, Spain

Cala Pi Anchorage

Not to be used for navigation

Not to be used for navigation


After rounding Cap Blanc, Cala Pi is directly north of you with the smaller Cala Beltran to the west.  The entrance to Cala Pi is straightforward, stay to the middle of the Cala.  The bay quickly narrows into a reserved swimming area and small beach. 


This is a small popular anchorage and we have seen as many as 7 mid size (40') yachts crammed in here.  The anchorage is protected from all but S winds and it is essential to anchor bow and stern as we found to our cost when we were awakened in the middle of the night by a catamaran nudging against us.  You have a choice of putting out two anchors, or tieing the stern off to one of the rocks.  The bottom is rock and weed and the water is very clear.  If you plan on overnighting here you should have a back-up plan in case it is full, or plan to get here early in the day.  The even smaller Cala Beltran is a potential alternative (which we have not tried) but looks to be only large enough for a couple of boats at best.  We have also seen larger boats anchor outside the bay, probably in 40'+ which offers reasonable protection from the N and W.


There is a designated "swimmers only" zone along most of the narrow beach.  To the west of this is a dinghy channel leading to a rocky area where small fishing boats are pulled up on tracks out of the water.  There is space here to tie up a dinghy.  Note that you will have to clamber over rocks to get to the beach.


This is a completely developed beach with chairs and umbrellas to rent, a shower for swimmers and a small bar.  Because of the high cliffs on either side and an ancient lookout tower on the eastern cliff, it is very scenic, however the cliffs also put the beach in the shade for a good part of the day.  There are moderately steep steps up the East side of the Cala to the village at the top.


There is a small village of nice holiday villas, a somewhat tacky hotel/restaurant/gift shop, an abandoned condo project and a mini-grocery store.  There is a nice looking Greek Restaurant just a hundred yards south of the hotel where we had a fairly good meal at a reasonable price.  Take a flashlight if you plan to return to your dinghy after dark.