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Cagliari, Sardinia

Marina del Sole

Not to be used for navigation


Cagliari is the capital city of Sardinia.  Marina del Sole is tucked away in one corner of the large harbour area.  See photo above for details.  No special hazards.  Cagliari does have a free mooring area on the harbour wall which is much more central to the town than Marina del Sole but it was full during our visit.


The marina is a small but busy family-run operation.  They do not seem to monitor the VHF but they certainly keep their eyes out for approaching boats. Father and Son (The son, Max speaks some English) who handle the marina side of the business will help you moor.  There is a shipyard in the background.  This is a friendly place.  We met more liveaboards and cruisers here than anywhere yet in the Mediterranean.  The marina charged us €31 per day in May which is not bad for a city marina.  


Cagliari is a large town with all the facilities you would expect from a capital city.  The marina is not in the center of town and it is a good walk to get there.  Alternatively Max will let you 'borrow' a small car for €5 an hour.


ELECTRICITY/WATER;  Included in the daily rate of €31 for our 49'.
BOOK/MAGAZINE EXCHANGE;  Marina del Sole caters to the cruising community with a table for book & magazine exchanges and a pleasant but shabby tent where drinks are served in the evenings.
CAR RENTAL;  The marina will let you have the keys to one of their two cars for €5 per hour and no paperwork for errands into town etc. 
WIFI;  There is no wifi at the marina.  Downtown Cagliari has several internet cafes.  We preferred the Lamari Internet cafe on the corner of  Via Sicilia.  They provided an elegant cafe/bar environment with computers and tables for wifi customers with convenient power outlets.  The cost is nominally €3 per hour, but if you buy a reasonably priced coffee or drink this is discounted to about €0.50!
LAUNDRY:  The marina has a small washing machine in the shipyard office, it is a mess in there, enter at your peril.  There is a modern, clean, self-service laundry in the center of town just around the corner from the Lamari Cafe on Via Sicilia.  According to the SSCA site it is the only laundromat in Sardinia! There is seating and plenty of table surface to fold clothes.  It has 2 large washers (avoid the slow one if you can, it is #6 on the left!), 4 small washers and 3 large dryers.  Prices are €4 for wash or dry and €7 for the large washers.  Unusually the machine here takes €5 & €10 notes and gives change.
CHANDLERY;  There are two very well supplied Nautica chandleries just along the road from the Marina towards town.  Max at Marina del Sole will provide you with a map and tell you exactly where these are.
GROCERIES:  Several options ranging from Auchan and Lidl to Romano's, a pretty good local chain.  Max will provide directions.  There is an excellent butcher downtown on the road that leads up to the internet cafe.  Try his prepared meatballs.


There are numerous restaurants in all price ranges in town and one in easy walking distance along the marina road.