Peleponnese Peninsula
~ Kalamata Marina

Ionian Islands
- Ionian Islands

Cyclades Islands
- Siros harbour
- Mykonos marina
- Naxos harbour

North-East Aegean Islands
- Mytilini harbour, Lesvos
- Molyvos harbour, Lesvos
- Plomeri harbour, Lesvos
- Chios marina

Dodecanese Islands
- Rhodes harbour
- Symi harbour
- Tilos harbour
- Karpathos harbour
- Kasos harbour

- Sitia harbour
- Agios Nikolaos marina
- Rethymnon marina
- Chania harbour

Ionian Islands, Greece

Before we arrived in the Ionian Islands, we were able to purchase a copy of  The Ionian Cruising Companion (Wiley Nautical)  written by Vanessa Bird.  It is available from

This book was a great resource and well worth the price.  It covers each of the islands and has all the information we needed.  Since this book is readily available and certainly one hundred times more comprehensive than anything we could possibly prepare we will not issue any Cruising Notes for the Ionian.  Just buy the book!  The same publishing group also prints a book on the North West Aegean but so far there is not a book covering the very popular Cyclades nor the North East Aegean.  We resume our Cruising Notes with these islands.