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Mytilini Harbour, Lesvos, Greece

Not to be used for navigation


The harbour is well protected with an outer breakwater and an inner breakwater.  There is plenty of space for as many boats as we have ever seen moored here.  We have not experienced any surge in this harbour.  You are in the bustling center of things in the harbour.  The main road through town runs along three sides of the harbour and there is near 24 hour noise from traffic, car horns etc.  This is also a late night partying spot for the locals.  At the weekends and during any festival do not expect things to quiet down until about 4-5 a.m.!


There is an unfinished marina at the S end of the harbour. We have seen a couple of masts of sail boats here when we enter the harbour, but when we drive by the marina entrance it is fenced and locked.  It is perhaps possible to use the marina but it is hard to think of a good reason to use it given the facilities available on the harbour wall. 


As you enter the harbour you will probably be hailed by the Harbour polics who will ask you to check in with them once you are tied up. Their office is on the right side of the harbour as you enter. There is a small charge which they will collect when you leave. Anchor out and tie up bow or stern to at the extreme N. end of the harbour. Alternatively you can side-tie on the East wall where there were a number of local sailing boats tied up and rafted during our visit. You can tie up here among them if you can find space.  The harbour wall does jut out about 6" just below water level so keep an eye out for this as you back in.  


WIFI:  We were able to pick up an unsecured wifi signal in the harbour.  There are also a number of internet cafes.
UTILITIES: The harbour offers 220v electricity and water.  Control boxes located around the harbour take plastic cards that can be purchased for €5 each at the Mini Market in the NE corner of the harbour.  If the Minimarket has run out you can also get them at Piccolo Travel Agency on the East side of the harbour.
GROCERY STORES:  There are a number of small stores, some very good for fresh vegetables, in the streets surrounding the harbour.  There are a couple of shops selling fresh fish in the mornings only in the street behind the tourist information office.  This street also has half a dozen butchers shops selling some of the best meat we have seen in these islands.  There is a large supermarket south of the harbour as shown in the photograph.
BUTANE:  Butane has been getting hard to find since we left Naxos, but despite some misdirection by the wholly inadequate tourist office we eventually found a small gas supply shop that will refill your butane tanks (one day turnaround) or sell you a new tank.  They are located on the street that runs N from the harbour just to the E of the tourist office.  The shop is about 3-5 blocks back from the harbour and is next door to a much larger electrical appliance shop.  It is called Glezopoulos on Koumoudia Street.  But that won't help you much as the streets and the shop are labelled in Greek lettering.
CHANDLERY:  There is no dedicated chandlery, but there is a shop that sells marine fittings, fishing tackle and rope etc. in the maze of streets just behind the tourist information office.
RESTAURANTS:  You are surrounded by traditional greek restaurants at the north end of the harbour, and fish restaurants at the south end.  Be aware that as elsewhere almost all will be closed on a Sunday evening.
CAR/SCOOTER RENTAL:  The town is full of rental agencies, but a word of caution.  This is a large island and many of the more interesting routes take you long distances over dirt tracks.  As we were driving around in our small car we saw a number of exhausted looking scooter/motorcycle/4-wheeler operators that had been overwhelmed by the twisty roads, gravel and distances.  Take our advice and rent a car for your travels on Lesvos.  There is no problem parking cars anywhere on the island and the prices (which are negotiable) are around €35-40 for a one day rental.